Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Yesterday Is Heavy


I don’t who needs to hear this. 

 I know there are days I have to be reminded. 

 Days when the night was long, and the anxiety, fear, and uncertainty were loud. 

 Days when the smallest thing make me take 1,000 steps backwards. 

 Days when that *thing* I laid down at His feet makes its way back into my arms. 

 Days when I lose sight of what’s ahead and all that is to come.

 Days I can’t shake. 

 Days that linger all over my soul like second hand cigarette smoke, and fog up the windshield.

 Days I feel like old her instead of new her. 

 Days when I forget all the mercy, grace, and love He has extended me.

 Days that just feel heavy.

 I don’t know who needs to hear this: but lay it down and walk away.

 Don’t look back.

 You don’t even owe it a second glance.

 Today is all your guaranteed.

 Go ahead and own your yesterday.

 It made you who you are.

 But, it’s okay to put it down. 

 To lay it gently at His feet.

 He’s been waiting for it. 

 You were never meant to carry it at all. 

 So, lay it down. 

 Because it’s not going where you’re going, friend. 

 I promise.

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