Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The Way To Be Better


I think we’ve all known for a while that the system is broken, but I don’t think any of us have ever been more acutely aware of just HOW broken it is until COVID-19.

The information is mixed. The plans of action constantly change. There is no mold. No cookie cutter response.

Yes. Some things are working, but MOST things are not. 

Instead there is still panic.


There is fear. There are protocols that aren’t really protocols because it seems like NO ONE has ANY freaking idea what they’re doing or saying or what we are supposed to be doing or saying.

Some people pretend it’s all cut and dry.

But the rest of us realize it’s not. 

We’ve been at this since March. You’d think we’d have this figured out by now. You’d think we’d have it down. 

But we don’t.

And because of that my child was almost denied necessary and important care today, because why?

Because of fear.

Because of random “protocols” that change by the day.

Because the Health Departments say one thing, and doctors offices say another. And the media is shoving something completely different down our throats.

We all may be “in this together”, but that is only until they think you or someone you love has COVID.

Then you are a pariah. YOU are suddenly “the problem”. YOU are what everyone is scared of-not the disease. YOU have somehow failed society by ALLOWING yourself to “catch COVID”.

Go home and think about what you’ve done. Seriously?! How dare you.

Frankly, I think it’s bullsh*t.

I think we need to do better.

Regardless of the broken protocols, the mental and emotional effect this has had on society has made us all lose our freaking minds.

We don’t REALLY know the truth, and as a result we are scared of ALL. THE. THINGS. 

And everyone around us.

At least once a day I hear a story of someone being accosted for not wearing a mask or their children not wearing a mask.

People calling each other “murderers” and comparing people to Hitler on social media during mask debates.

I recently wept for a friend with health issues who was literally screamed at and berated on a sidewalk for absentmindedly walking out of a restaurant to get something out of her car for her crying child and she forgot to put her mask back on before she did.

The level I am over this is off the charts.

The debates without all the facts or what people think are “the facts”. 

The name calling.


All of it. 

I. Am. Done.

Because today I was told one thing by health officials which was apparently wrong to other health officials and as a result my child suffered.

I don’t know how or when we will all finally get on the same page, or if and when this will all finally be over, but I know we are never going to get there like this.

We are never going to get anywhere thinking that each other is the enemy.

I keep hoping that at some point we figure that out. 

But unfortunately today is not the day.

So here’s to tomorrow.

To figuring out ways to be better first.

To giving grace even when it is not given to me.

To trying to be calm in the midst of all the chaos.

To making my way back to joy because it’s been missing for a while.

2020 is almost over, guys.

But 2021 isn’t going to be any better if we don’t figure some of this stuff out.

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