Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Dear Working Mama


Dear Working Mama,

Tonight as you clock out and hustle to get the baby picked up on time.

I see you. 

Tonight as you manage to get dinner on the table, while simultaneously spoon feeding the baby and doing your dinner prep dishes.

I see you.

Tonight as you juggle bath time with homework.

I see you.  

Tonight as you wrangle babies into pajamas and count down hours since the last bottle feeding, and do all the extra math that comes with infants and feeding schedules that surprisingly was not covered in your Accounting 101 Class. 

I see you.

Tonight as you try to soothe teething symptoms and try to find time to watch the newest LOL Doll Makeover video on YouTube with your oldest.

I see you. 

Tonight as you rock your babies to sleep only a few short hours after you laid eyes on them after an entire day away.

I see you.

Tonight as you unpack backpacks, and fold loads of laundry. 

I see you.

Tonight as you plan tomorrow’s exit strategy: lunch prep, clothes prep, sign the homework folder, make sure the babies food is thawed out, and set out the meat for tomorrow night’s dinner.

I see you.

Tonight as you respond to late night work emails, and mentally prepare for your big meeting tomorrow.

I see you.

Tonight as you take a deep breath, wash your face, and prepare to do all of this over again tomorrow. 

I see you. 

Mama, you may feel inadequate. 

You may feel insecure.

 You may feel like what you are doing isn’t important at all.

 The world tells us every single day that, “we should work like we don’t have children, and raise our children like we don’t work.” 

But somehow we make it all happen. 

Day in.

Day out.

So, tonight as you lay your head down and chase the worries from your busy mind with prayer, please know that:

I see you.

I know you.

I am you.

And I think tonight-we all need to give ourselves just a little more grace for this season. 

Just a little bit more room to breathe.

Because, it’s never going to be perfect.

We may never make it to the doctor’s appointments on time, and our kids may eat peanut butter sandwiches for lunch 4 out of the 5 school days, but at least what we’re putting out there is raw, real, and #nofilter.

And you know what?!

I think that’s what the world needs a little more of these days. 

Don’t you?

So, raise your chin.

Straighten your crown.

Go ahead and use that Clarisonic brush tonight and the good night cream you splurged on 6 months ago. 

You’ve got this, Mama.

I promise. 

How do I know?

Because I see you. 💞

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