Wednesday, November 15, 2017


This beauty.

Born of love. 

Forged by fire. 

My greatest accomplishment to date. 

I watch her sleep and wonder about the mountains she will one day move. 

The peaks she will conquer.

The valleys she will forage. 

I think about all the ways I am preparing her for these things. 

The hard things.

The brave things.

The things that make your heart sing, and the things that make your heart grieve.  

I think about all of the hard things I am already asking her to do. 

Things she never wanted. 

Things I never planned for her the first time I held her. 

I think about all the grace she gives me day in and day out for these things. 

Grace I don’t deserve.

Because life is a series of trial and error.

There will be times when it seems perfect, and all is right in the world. 

And yet there will be other times when it will derail on you faster than you can catch your breath. 

It’s a constant ebb and flow. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

And it’s not about who you are when you're smack dab in the middle of it. 

It’s about who you are when you come out on the other side. 

If she doesn’t learn anything else from me, I hope she learns this. 

But, for now I will cuddle down beside her and watch her sleep.

I will wonder what fills her dreams, and I will dream about the plans He has for her. 

Plans He wrote for her long before I even knew her. 

Her path has been determined. 

All of her days have already been ordained. 

This beauty of mine. 

And, like me, He created her from a long line of strength, courage, and perseverance. 

A great lineage of women whose faith runs deep, and whose minds are as sharp as their tongues.

Warrior princesses who have lived through dark wars and hard fought battles.

Women who wear their scars proudly. 

She is of us. 

And it's because of this that I know despite everything she will be okay. 

This funny, ornery, gorgeous girl with a heart that contains more beauty than I could ever understand.

She was built for all the things He has for her-great things, brave things, things I cannot even fathom. 

Thankfully, I find solace in the knowledge that He will see her through just as He has done for each of us, and that the great army behind her won't let her falter and will be there to light her way.

This beauty. 

My beauty.

Born of love.

Forged by fire. 

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