Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year, New Purpose

If you haven't heard of Ann Voskamp, I'm sorry. 

Over the past three years, she has become one of my favorite authors and her blog is full of all kinds of goodness that I can't even begin to explain. 

You must simply go and read it for yourself.


Like RIGHT now. 

I especially LOVE her book, One Thousand Gifts

Talk about putting thankfulness into a whole new perspective. 


If you haven't read it, then you should.


But, anyway, ok, ok, OK! 

I digress. 

Now that I'm done gushing, I want to share with you, her challenge for the new year.

While I have never really been one to make New Year's resolutions, there is definitely something about how a brand new year feels all bright and shiny. 

How the simple chime of midnight can signal the freshness that comes with clean, brand new beginnings. 

I love it.

And I love how it makes me want to be stronger, better, and braver.

Even if I'm not really one for resolutions. 

So, this year, Ann Voskamp challenged us on her blog to be stronger, better, and braver. 

Not by making promises we can't keep, but by purposing personal and spiritual changes in our lives. 

Kind of cool, huh?

After reading her blog about it, I started to think about what areas of my life could use more purpose? More focus? Less talk and more action?

It's kind of a tough pill to swallow when I think about it, but I am determined to PURPOSE my heart toward a few personal/spiritual goals that will help me to grow into the woman God wants me to be, not the woman the world thinks I should be. 

No fad diets and fancy budget worksheets over here, because this girl has bigger-best gifts kind of stuff to look forward too.  
In 2016, I purpose to:

EMBRACE myself. Flaws and all. I may not meet the world's standards in a lot of areas, but according to God's standard of grace I am worthy and loved beyond measure and that is enough.

ENGAGE my family more. Set the phone down. Turn off the computer. And focus on what's truly important.

BE more intentional. Focus more on what's outside of me than what's inside of me.

BELIEVE that God is capable of the impossible. Like really believe it.

BREAK the cycle of "busy". My life has become consumed by "busy" lately and it's time to give myself permission to say "no".

DAILY make time to just be still. In God's presence. Refresh. Renew. At least 10 minutes every day.

DO at least one thing for someone else every single day. Whether it's a kind word, or a selfless deed. Make someone else a priority even if it seems small.

LET GO of the lie that I am not enough. Because in Christ, I am more than enough.

LEARN to bite my tongue. Not everything requires my opinion, and after all, a soft answer turns away wrath.

LIVE out my calling. It's time to quit hiding behind the excuses.

GIVE more. Want less.

GROW my dreams in reality. One forward step at a time.

What about you? 

What does your list of purpose look like? 

Feel free to share!

More Co-parenting Diaries coming your way soon! 

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