Monday, December 15, 2014


"If I go, I'm going on fire.
Let my anger take me there."
~Bart Crow, If I Go, I'm Go'in

I've done a lot of thinking this week.

A lot of mourning for that girl in my closet

As much as I want to keep her hidden and locked away from this new shiny life of mine, I can't. 

Because without her, I wouldn't be here. 

Without her story, my story would not have the chance of being told. 

Without her scars, I wouldn't have my strength. 

Without her wounds, my heart could not feel so deeply for those who are like her. 

She is apart of me-apart of the woman I have become.

She is the survivor in me. 

The fighter in me. 

My bitter means to a glorious end. 

And this is the part where everything changes. 

When a voice that was forced to be too quiet for too long finally finds the courage to tell the whole truth.

A truth that was meant to save lives with a life that was forced to believe she didn't matter. 

Guess what? 

She matters. 

And so does every single woman who has ever been silenced by domestic abuse whether it is sexual, physical, or verbal. 

They matter. 

It's time to listen to what they've been trying to tell us.

That there are women in our own towns.

In our own families.

In our own schools.

In our own churches, 

In our own grocery stores.

That need to be heard. 

That need to be told that they matter. 

That need to be reminded that they are worth it. 

That they are survivors

This is what the girl in my closet has been dying to tell me. 

This is the call. 

There are women who need her story, and it's time I gave her some room to tell it. 


To my readers: there are major changes coming in the form of a new blog that will be geared toward an epidemic that is plaguing our world. That epidemic is called domestic violence and it does not just plague the lower class or women in third world countries. It plagues women and children of every class in every country and it's time that those of us who can give them a voice and bring awareness to this epidemic do just that.

I will be closing this blog and start investing my time in a new blog that will be geared towards something that actually matters. I hope that you will follow me when the time comes and give your support to these women who desperately need a voice.

It's time to embrace the survivor and the call. 

She has been silenced for far too long. 

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