Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Measure of Motherhood

Motherhood is this amazing thing.

It's going all day and realizing you've only had like 4 bites of something...anything edible, because your little person ate the rest of every meal you had in the last 12 hours. 

It's having to pee SO bad, but knowing you have to get both the swim bag, the wet swim suit, the wet towel, both stuffed animals, your heaping full work bag, and a sleeping little person in the house in one trip, and then successfully into their pj's and into bed before you can finally go. 

It's counting when she asks you to count how long she can hold her breath under water, even when you know it's still going to be ten-it's always going to be ten. every. single. time.
It's sidewalk chalk on a summer night, and "Let It Go" in the car for the umpteenth thousand time. 

It's in the "Can you please read me one more story, Mom?" and the "No, you can't have ice cream for dinner". 

It's kissing boo boo's, and carrying them up the hill when you know they are getting way too big to carry. 

It's games of chase, and catch me if you can. 

It's laughing harder than you've laughed in a while. 

It's the hair brushing drama, and the "Mommy, can I pick out my clothes?" days. 

It's days full of questions like, "Will you ever be big enough to FINALLY feed yourself?", and then contradicting questions like, "When did you finally get big enough to do THAT?"

It's the only job that make you feel so sure of yourself one moment, and then utterly doubt everything your doing the next. 

It's motherhood. It's messy. It's unorganized. It's crazy. It's hectic. It's too loud at one moment, and then too quiet the next. 

It molds you. It shows you exactly what you're made of...what you're capable of. 

It reminds you that this life is SO much bigger than you.

This life we call motherhood is more than the 9 to 5, the paychecks, and the never ending bills.

It's more than the never ending daily struggle.

It's more than the quiet, tearful whispers you mumble at night asking yourself if you...YOU, dear mother, are good enough? 

Let me be the first to tell you that yes, sweet momma. 

Yes, you are. 

Because this life...your not measured by those things. 

It's measured by dirty hands and wet kisses. 

It's measured by inches grown, lessons learned, and good night prayers. 

It's measured by a child mastering a new skill or an act of kindness. 

It may not be a glamorous life, but it is every bit of important. 

Because if you're only purpose in this life was to give birth and successfully raise that child, then that...THAT, dear mother, IS enough. 

I promise.

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  1. This is just...perfect. And beautiful! And so completely right-on!


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