Saturday, May 31, 2014

Just Below The Surface

"We are human beings.
We are made up of atoms, and molecules, and star stuff.
We store memories in the form of scars, bruises, and laugh lines.
The ones on your skin and the ones on your heart."

When I was a kid, I would spend my summers swimming in my grandmother's swimming pool. It is one of the old, in ground swimming pools. You know, the ones with the fiberglass bottom and the slant in the middle where the water goes from shallow end to the deep end of the pool?

Yeah. One of those.

My sisters, cousins, and I basically lived in that pool.

Every single summer, my mother would buy us new swimming suit.

And every single summer, those swimming suits would be completely worn out with little holes in the bottom from a slide that had been painted one too many times.

My best childhood memories are centered around that pool and the summers spent playing with my cousins and gorging ourselves on watermelon and sweet tea.

It was in that swimming pool where I learned to love the water. No matter the weather.

One of my favorite times to swim was in the rain. I loved to fill my lungs with air, dive deep into the water, and peer up to the surface. The top of the water would come alive with rain drops. New ripples starting before the old ones were even complete.

But deep below the surface, the water was calm. It was just me suspended in the clear water and the silence all around me as I rose slowly watching the water dance above my head.

 Today, I found myself wishing that life was like those moments in that swimming pool. That we could watch the chaos ensue on the surface while we hide safely below. Just waiting out the rain. 

Sometimes I think that life would be easier if we could hide from our problem. If we didn't have to face our battles, and get drenched in the storm. 

But, I am reminded that even though it may be easier to hide deep within ourselves-just below the surface, the only way to shore is through the rain. 

Life isn't about hiding. It's about weathering your storms and knowing that in the end you will emerge stronger, wiser, and better. 

Yes, it's going to hurt. Yes, you will have moments when you feel like you just can't make it through. Yes, you will cry, and ache, and walk around empty at times. 

But, I promise you that what is waiting for you on the other side of that storm is amazing. 

Beautifully amazing. 

You may find yourself so exhausted from the fight that you can hardly move, and every muscle in your body may ache from treading water. 

But, you can do this. 

I promise you that you can and that you will live to tell about it.

It may not feel like it. 

But, you can. 

You will.

Just a little longer, sweet friend. 

This way is much harder. 

But, His ways are not our way. His plans are not our plans.

They are better. 

So much better.

And running from your problems never changes anything.


Trust me. 

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