Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Unplugged Mommy Diaries: Part 3

I've officially been "unplugged" for two weeks, and let me tell you: the change is significant. I find myself being more productive when it comes to my homework and housework, and this morning Emma and I spent a good chunk of our morning cuddled up in bed together reading books. It was wonderful. I actually feel more connected with Emma, as well as, my friends and family. I'm still not doing well with turning my phone off at night, but I often find myself turning it to silent and putting it face down wherever it's laying to prevent it from being a distraction during things like dinner and morning cuddle sessions. I also do it every morning while I'm doing my Bible study, and pray that God will use that time to focus my heart and mind on Him.

Well, the most amazing, God thing happened this morning: my study was about distractions. I know, right?! I couldn't believe it when I flipped open the page! I've been doing this amazing study by Angela Thomas called "Stronger". It's all about clinging to the hope we have in Christ during the fragile times in our lives. I have been drinking this study up, and learning so much about how I can make God a more powerful presence in my life, especially during the hard times.

The whole time I was reading today's study, I kept thinking about my goal to become an unplugged mother. We as a society are so distracted thanks to our phones, social media, and up to the minute news. I can't even tell you how many hours I've wasted on Pinterest or stalking random people on Facebook. I'll get to playing on my phone, and the next thing I know 45 minutes has crept by. Social media-especially-is such a time sucker. It literally takes the life right out of you while trying to make you feel like your life is more full. It's crazy. Well, Angela said something in today's study that really hit home with me on the importance of limiting distractions in our everyday life: to set my face like flint.

Ok...I know I've lost you for a minute, but there is actually a Scripture in Isaiah that talks about it: "But the Lord God helps me; therefore I have not been disgraced; therefore I have set my face like flint." (Isaiah 50:7). This Scripture is basically encouraging us that with God's help we are able to stay focused. But, focused on what you might ask? Well, I think He wants us to focus on our calling.

I don't know what your calling is, but I know that part of mine is to be the best mommy I can be to my daughter, finish school, serve Christ, and use my story to help others. And the best way for me to fulfill these major parts of my calling is to focus on them with my whole heart and to limit the amount of distractions I allow into my life.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that Facebook is evil, or that spending too much time pinning stuff to your Pinterest board will send you straight to hell. I'm not saying to never text your best friend about pointless stuff, or to avoid You Tube like your life depends on it. I'm saying that we need to focus on the most important things first and save the things that distract or entertain us for later.

So, this is why I turn my phone to silent and flip it face down while I read Emma a few books or while I'm doing my Bible study. This is why my phone should get turned off during my math quizzes, and stay in my purse during church or dinner with my family. I don't need to be distracted during those times, because I'm focusing on the work God has given me for my life, and I will do a much better job of fulfilling His plans if I'm actually present not just physically, but mentally and emotionally.

Seriously, this whole being unplugged thing has been really, really good for me. If you haven't ever fasted from social media, you should try it. I think you'd be surprised as to what it will do for your life.

Happy Saturday, everyone!

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