Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Unplugged Mommy Diaries: Part 1

I have officially been "unplugged" from Facebook for 5 days, and so far it's been a lot easier than I thought it would be. I still pick up my phone every now and then to "check my newsfeed" only to find that there is no longer a Facebook button on my phone. So, instead I fiddle with Instagram or explore Pinterest before I go to bed, but after a while they actually start to bore me, so I've started filling my time with other more productive things. Here are some positive changes I have seen in my life just in the 5 days I have been "unplugged" from Facebook:

  • I have actually been ON TIME to work the last 2 days. I know, right?! I seriously think it has something to do with not lounging in my bed every morning mindlessly perusing Facebook. Haha! Yep, when my alarm goes off I actually get up and get ready instead of taking pauses throughout my primping process to check Facebook again and again (like anything has changed in the last 5 minutes! Ha!).
  • In addition to getting ready on time, I seem to have extra time in the morning, and I've been filling it with some quiet time. I have been doing this awesome Bible study entitled Stronger by Angela Thomas. I cannot begin to express to you what a difference this study has been making in my life. It is all about finding God in the hard places of our lives, and that is SO me right now. Each study only takes about 10 minutes, and they are always the perfect dose of encouragement as I begin my day. I highly and whole-heartedly recommend it if you are looking for a good Bible study.
  • My homework is actually getting done. Yep. The queen of procrastinating over here actually DOES her homework now in her free time. I know, right? What gives.
  • I've begun doing this super cool thing where I actually go to bed at a decent time. What?! Yeah. It's kind of awesome.
  • I have recently ordered two new books that I'm going to read during some of my "unplugged" time. You'll Get Through This by Max Lucado and Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. My counselor recommended In The Grip of Grace by Max Lucado, which I read when I was in high school. I was actually going to reorder it, but this new book by Max Lucado totally caught my eye. Just the title reflects everything that EVERYONE has been saying to me over and over the last couple of months. Max Lucado has always had a way of speaking to my heart, and his unique story-telling ability combined with his awesome ability of putting the love and grace of God into words is truly something I need in my life right now. The other book, Redeeming Love is one of my all time favorite books. I know I own it, but it's probably stuffed in a box in an attic somewhere, so I opted to just purchase a new one. I love, love, love this story that is a re-telling of the story of Gomer and Hosea. My love story with Christ is just like the story of Hosea and his wayward wife, and I cannot wait to let the words sink back into me during a time in my life when I can actually totally relate to them.
  • Hey, guess what?! I did this super cool thing. I ACTUALLY left my phone in the car the other day when I took Emma to the park. I pushed her on the swing with BOTH hands, I watched her go down the slides, and she even attempted the fire pole. It was wonderful.
If you're taking the "Unplugged Motherhood Challenge" with me leave a comment of what positive changes you've seen in your life over the last few days? I'm excited to hear about them!

Happy Tuesday, sweet friends!

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