Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Sunday

Hello! I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter Sunday! We were so glad that the weather held out and we enjoyed a beautiful, sunny 65 degree day yesterday, even though it was pretty muddy after a week of rain and snow. We started our morning by attending an early church service with my dad and two of my sisters. My in laws and my grandmother go to the same church, so it was nice to see everyone. After church, my dad took us all out to breakfast. It was nice to spend Easter morning with him.

Emma and Noah at Easter breakfast

Easter breakfast with my Dad
(lt to rt: Faith, Randi, Noah, Dad, Emma, and I)

After breakfast, we went to my Grandma's for the big Easter egg hunt we have every year and lunch. We are such a big family that the Easter hunts alone take about two hours, so we weren't able to stay and eat, because we had to hurry to Randy's aunt's house for his family's Easter. But, we were able to grab a few photos while we were at my Grandma's.

 Emma, Randy, and I
Easter Sunday 2013

Emma in her Easter dress

Emma hunting Easter eggs!

She got WAY too much candy!

We didn't let the muddy yard ruin our fun! I brought Emma a change of clothes and some boots and away she went filling up her basket with eggs and other goodies! As you can see, she got plenty and we still had to go to Randy's aunt's house! Geez! I didn't get any pictures at Randy's aunt's house. I left him in charge of taking those pictures, but I promise she had just as much fun! :) Plus, everyone knows you can only look at SO many pictures of kids hunting Easter eggs before it becomes mundane, so you're welcome from sparing you from all our Easter festivities ;)

Emma said she had a great day and she managed to sneak more than a few pieces of her candy throughout the day. I was glad to finally get it home and up high where we can regulate it a little, and where I can sneak a piece every now and then ;) It's holidays like Easter Sunday that make me so thankful that we live so close to both our families. Emma is so blessed to be surrounded by so many people who love her, and she gets spoiled by their love every single day. Even though family can drive me crazy, I wouldn't want it any other way for Emma. I know that because of them and their love and support, we are giving Emma the best childhood we can give her. What a blessing.

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter celebrating our Risen Lord, and indulging in chocolate! I know I did! I am looking forward to the week ahead. Emma has Spring Break from school all this week, so she will be spending her days with some of her favorite people. Today she is helping Daddy drive the dump of her favorite things to do. I can't wait to hear all about it. Does anyone else's kids have Spring Break this week? Do you have to make arrangements during Spring Break for sitters? How does that work for you? I'd love to hear all about it ;)

Happy Monday a.k.a April Fool's Day, everyone! ;)

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