Monday, November 26, 2012

Someday I Know I'll Miss This

Motherhood is exhausting sometimes. SO exhausting. Currently, Emma is going on day #5 of a terrible, croupy cough, a runny nose, and a off/on low grade fever. I feel like I have purchased every type of children's cough syrup Wal-Mart has to offer,and  I'm pretty sure her room is going to permanently smell of Vick's vapor rub. On top of everything else, I spend my days expertly keeping track of medicine doses, and trying to curb the whinyness that seems amplified due to sickness. Gah.

"Mom, you touched my arm too hard." Queue tears.

"Mom, I broke my blue crayon." Queue more tears. 

"Mom, I can't find __________!" Queue LOTS of tears.

Gah. Exhausting. 

Of course, working until 2:00 AM two mornings this weekend didn't help, and by yesterday I was running on fumes. Luckily, I'm off today and as I lay in bed this morning, listening to her yell my name in her sick little voice...I smiled. I smiled as I remembered that THIS is what motherhood is about. 

Because, someday I'm going to miss this. I'll miss the late nights, and her sick little body rolling over to snuggle close into my chest. I'll miss the sound of her calling out my name. I'll miss her little feet coming down the hallway to crawl into our bed, and her asking me to tuck her in and say her prayers. I'll miss kissing hot foreheads and skinned knees. I'll miss picking up toys, hunting for missing Barbie doll shoes and combs, and reading her favorite books for the bazillionth time. I'll miss trips to the library when the library was cool, and her begging me to go to the park even when the weather isn't the greatest. I'll miss playing Candyland and Letter Match. I'll miss cuddle time on the couch, and her asking me how many bites until she can get down from the table. I'll miss the joy on her face every time she swims in a swimming pool. I'll miss bubble beards at bath time, and finger paint on my dining room table. I'll miss when she's not here to put ALL the Christmas ornaments on the very bottom limbs. I'll miss pinky promises and bed bugs. I'll miss random I love you's from the back seat. I'll miss her laugh when her daddy tickles her, and that little pretend voice she uses when she plays with her stuffed animals. I'll miss all of it and more, because someday she'll be too big for these things. Someday she'll be a teenager and then an adult with her own toddler to wear her out, and she won't need me as much anymore. 

So, today despite the exhaustion. I am thankful. I am thankful for these moments and that for today she still needs me. Today, I'm still mom. I can cure anything, fix anything, and find anything. Today, I'm still her hero. Today, I'm her everything.

So, here's to multiple cups of coffee and to Letter Match already strewn all over my living room floor. Here's to motherhood. 

Happy Monday, everyone! :)

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